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5 affirmations the worlds wealthiest people say every morning.

Published By: Affirmation Hacks

We've all wondered what the secret is to becoming one of the WEALTHIEST people in the world... We had a once in a lifetime opportunity to talk to some of these individuals and find out exactly what it was that put them where they are. After conversing, we concluded on one thing they all had in common... WHAT THEY SPOKE AND BELIEVED. They all undoubtedly believed and KNEW they would succeed and at no cost would they give up, and they had a disciplined regimen for self talk known as DAILY AFFIRMATIONS. We weren't suprised that self talk was part of there daily life, but we were dying to know what they would say. These were some of the top affirmations they shared with us!

WARNING: Some of these might be extremely hard to say... BUT YOU HAVE TO PUSH THROUGH.



  2. I, (Insert Name) deserve being WEALTHY. Being WEALTHY is my birthright. Being WEALTHY is a part of who I am.

  3. "All of the right people and friends end up in my path and want to help me in anyway they can toward my goals! Success in non negotiable"

  4. "No one can decide my outcome. My outcome is my decision... And I choose WINNING."


  5. "Success is my only option."